Brand Story

The Beginning Of The Story

Our women's bag brand called "Yenesy" .The founders, Feiry and Winny, were two best friends who had a passion for fashion and style. Winny loved to accessorize her outfits with beautiful handbags, but she was frustrated with the lack of options available to her. She often found herself having to choose between expensive designer bags or cheap, poorly made ones that would fall apart after just a few uses.And they noticed that many women were spending hundreds of dollars on designer bags, which not only contributed to consumerism but also made it difficult for women on a budget to keep up with the latest trends.

Their Original Intention For This Brand

Determined to provide more cost-effective and diverse styles for women, Feiry and Winny launched Yenesy. They wanted to create a brand that would empower women to look and feel confident without breaking the bank. They believed that every woman should have access to fashionable and functional bags that suited their individual style and needs.

To achieve this goal, they spent months researching the best materials, designs, and manufacturing techniques to produce high-quality bags at an affordable price point. They also focused on creating a diverse range of styles, from classic to trendy, to cater to every woman's preference.

Our Vision And Greater Purpose

However, Feiry and Winny didn't stop there. They wanted to make a positive impact on society and the environment. We implemented sustainable practices in their production process and partnered with organizations that support women's empowerment.

Our goal is women no longer had to compromise on style or price. Our brand's encouraging women to prioritize their values and make conscious choices when it comes to fashion and consumerism.